Mission Statement

To resolve disputes by mediation for contending parties, their counsel, the courts, and ultimately for the public good.

The Practice

Mediation services in civil matters pending in federal courts, state courts and arbitral fora such as FINRA and AAA, as well as presuit matters. Since December 1, 1993, an average of 220 cases per year (now over 5000 cases) have been mediated, the vast majority of which settled.


The practice devotes significant thought and resources to case preparation, facilities, services, teaching, and taking continuing education programs such as those of the local bar associations as well as the American College of Civil Trial Mediators (www.acctm.org) and Harvard Negotiation Project. Physical resources include a purpose-built mediation facility with three conference rooms, all equipped with high-speed data connections and Wi-Fi.

Social Network Policy

Social networks pose a risk for mediators and other neutrals whose neutrality may be questioned if we participate in them with counsel or clients. Therefore, to avoid any appearance of impropriety, regretfully I have concluded that I should decline invitations from counsel or clients to join social networks.